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Corporate Credit Card

Increase your productivity and efficiency!

A credit card stands for convenience: a quick and simple way to make local and international payments

For whom?

A Credit Card is available to every company that is registered in the local Chamber of Commerce and holds a Girobank Current Account. Credit Cards acquired via Girobank
are subject to the lowest interest rate in the local market.


  • Increased security
  • We offer both VISA and Mastercard
  • Convenient for the transactions via the Internet or abroad
  • Girobank charges the lowest interest rate on the local market, 12% whereas the market rate is 18%
  • Through the use of a pin code, cash advances can be obtained at all ATM-machines of Girobank and from any Cirrus, Maestro and/or CashNet ATM machines of other banks, on the island as well as abroad
  • The credit card balance can be checked online
  • Possibility to stretch your credit limit by depositing a cash reserve
  • The pay-back period of the debited amount is long (24 months). The payback period can optionally be reduced as it suits the credit card holder.

For more information or to request a Corporate Credit Card

For more information, feel free to contact our feel free to contact Corporate Banking at T. 433 9130, F. 461 1388 or email us


Please download and review the terms and conditions applicable to our Credit card security program
Download Terms and Conditions