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1.  Description
Girobank N.V. (“Girobank”) aims at motivating the general public to save using a SAM savings plan (“SAM account”), by rewarding them with prizes.

2.  Campaign Period
The SAM campaign (the “Campaign”) will run from August 5, 2019 to January 31, 2020. The period during which the campaign is effective is hereinafter referred to as the “Campaign Period”.

3.  Incentive         
At the end of the Campaign Period Girobank will select 2 (two) winners:

  1. 1 (one) winner will be selected from those clients who at that moment maintain a SAM account with Girobank. The client will win ANG 1,000 (one thousand guilders) (the “First prize”)
  2. 1 (one) winner will be selected from those clients who have opened a SAM account at Girobank in August 2019 and have saved a fixed amount of ANG 100 or more during 6 consecutive months, starting in August 2019 up to and including January 2020. The client will win ANG 500 (five hundred guilders) (the “Second prize”)
4.  Eligibility

4.1 All Natural Persons residing on Curaçao (each of them hereinafter referred to as a “Participant” and jointly as the “Participants”) can participate in the Campaign subject to the following conditions:

  1. The Participant is neither an employee of Girobank nor a relative in first line of an employee of Girobank. Relatives in first line are described as spouses and children
  2. The Participant should be willing to appear in promotional ads of the Program including but not limited to local newspapers, the website and social media channels of Girobank

4.2 In case a winning Participant maintains an account with Girobank and has a past due amount or other unsettled financial obligation with Girobank related to credit cards, loans, overdraft facilities, insurance or any other product or service, Girobank reserves the right to settle such amount with the Prize.

5.  Winners selection process
5.1 The winners of the Prizes will be selected as follows:
   5.1.1    By maintaining a SAM account with Girobank on the day of the drawing, and having duly made the pertaining                       deposits, the Participant will automatically participate in the drawing for the First prize;
   5.1.2    By having (maintained) a SAM account with Girobank, that was opened in August 2019 and on which there have
               been 6 consecutive monthly deposits of ANG 100 (one hundred guilders) or more, starting in August 2019 up                       to and including January 2020, the Participant will automatically participate in the drawing for the Second                               prize;
   5.1.3    An electronic file will be generated by and stored in 2 (two) separate drawing lists maintained by Girobank
               in Microsoft Excel Application;
   5.1.4    On Friday January 31, 2020 a total of 2 (two) Participants will be selected randomly (the “Winners”) from
               the lists specified in section 5.1.1 and 5.1.2, under supervision of a notary;
   5.1.5    The names of the Winners will be published on the Facebook page of Girobank no later than Monday February 3,                2020;
   5.1.6    The Prizes will be presented to the Winners within ten (10) business days after publication referred to in                       section 5.1.5;
   5.1.7    By accepting the Prizes, the Winners allow Girobank to have their picture taken and authorize Girobank to
               use such picture as well as their name in any and all promotional material and ads concerning the    Campaign,
               all in the widest sense of the word and at no cost
   5.1.8    In case a Winner does not agree to appear in promotional ads as specified in section 5.1.7., Girobank will have                   the right to donate the Prize to a non-profit organization of its own choice.
   5.1.9    If for whatever reason a Winner is disqualified pursuant to section 4.2, Girobank reserves the right to select                       another eligible Participant from the computer generated list referred to in section 5.1.3.
5.2 A Winner can be disqualified if he/she refuses to accept and comply with any of the terms and conditions as set out
      in this document.

6.  General
6.1    By participating in the Campaign the Participant explicitly declares to agree with and be bound by the terms and                 conditions set out in this document;
6.2    By participating in the Campaign, the Participants consent to and agree that Girobank N.V. shall be at liberty                 to publish their photographs and personal particulars for advertising and publicity purposes;
6.3    By accepting the Prize, the Winner assumes and accepts full responsibility for the payment of any and all                      applicable taxes relating to the Prize.